30 Avr 2018

Only 5 « Walden »Cassettes left !


Low count alert ! Only 5 cassettes remaining of the Walden imaginary nature soundtrack. Didn’t really know where I was going with this all analog, reel to reel, dreamy, abstract piece of music, but turn out exceeded expectations, thanks for listening ! More to come soon ! Free stream + orders on the bandcamp.

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18 Avr 2018

New 45 / 7″vinyl single sold out !


Well who would of guessed ? the new 45 has sold out ! Now, why don’t you guys help me clean out my shed and get this box of older ReDeYe records off my hands and find a better home 🙂 ? #garagesale #soldout #redeyerecords #merchtable #outthedoor

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