30 Avr 2018

Only 5 « Walden »Cassettes left !


Low count alert ! Only 5 cassettes remaining of the Walden imaginary nature soundtrack. Didn’t really know where I was going with this all analog, reel to reel, dreamy, abstract piece of music, but turn out exceeded expectations, thanks for listening ! More to come soon ! Free stream + orders on the bandcamp.

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9 Fév 2018

Map to a Soundtrack – WALDEN, audio cassettes available


Audio cassettes with full artwork have just arrived, and are ready for order !

Order link at :


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20 Jan 2018

Map to a Soundtrack – WALDEN, now available !


New 17′ instrumental music now available to stream and download for FREE on the band’s Bandcamp ! Audio K7s with original artwork also available (only available physical format). Read the full story below !

Inspired by HD Thoreau’s book, this imaginary soundtrack is a personal sonic interpretation of this ecological, metaphysical and free-thinking manifesto.
Reading the book, as I pictured myself lost in the outdoors, living in the forests of the great Northeast, in an isolated cabin, near a lake, WALDEN is the soundtrack that started playing in my head. A comforting companion to a solitary life, away from all the fuss, connected to Nature, amongst the trees and wildlife.
Fishing, seeds growing, plants blooming, trees creaking, animals leaping, birds flying, bugs harvesting, leaves rustling, the wind blowing, rain falling, snow melting, ice cracking, are all part of this OST to a movie that only exists in my (and now hopefully your) imagination.
Meditative, organic, all natural, this piece of music was put together on an analog Fostex M80 reel to reel 8 Track, on a single LPR35 tape, with all analog instruments, and found its way to an audio cassette tape. All flaws and parasite noises were left unharmed and unfiltered, hopefully giving it texture, sincerity and richness, as grown from the earth.
Immerse yourself. Listen to these sounds when working at home, as a podcast on your daily commute, for your morning run, daydreaming next to the fireplace or on a front porch star gazing.
Listen. Breath. Meditate. Dream. Allow your spirit to wander.

Personnel :
All instruments, recording and mixing by Guillaume Fresneau (www.guillaumefresneau.com)
Themes (Tracklist) :
A Bridge to the Moon / Where I Lived and What I Lived for / Higher Laws / The Ponds / A Trout in the Milk / Brute Neighbors / Nut Brook Meadow / Dead Trees Love the Fire

Download available on Soundcloud :

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3 Avr 2017

‘A Place In This Town’ Video


Picture slide show on places lived, and places travelled…where to call home ?
New video now live :

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30 Mar 2017

New Song  » A Place In This Town »


New song now streaming on the Bandcamp :
and on the Soundcloud :

New video to come !
song bc

Guitar / Vocals by Guillaume « ReDeYe » Fresneau
Drums, bass, piano, guitar, ebow by Rob Sanchez
Produced & Mixed by Rob Sanchez at Static West, Austin TX
Mastered by Dan Duszynski at Dandysounds, Dripping Springs TX

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27 Mar 2017

New song premiered next week !


A new track called « A Place in this Town » will be released next week and we’re working on a photo animation to go with it !
Song was recorded and produced by Rob Sanchez at Static West, and mastered by Dan DUSZYNSKI at Dandy Sounds.

A Place In This Town_ft carré2

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20 Mar 2017

Post SXSW news : concerts & new song


After a fantastic SXSW, looking forward to playing more shows in April :
– on the 18th at Radio Coffee & beer in Austin, TX
– on the 19th at the Stay Gold, Austin, TX
– on the 20th at the Red Brick in Norman, OK
– on the 21st at the King’s in Conway, AR

And stay tuned for the release of a new song !!

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12 Mai 2016

New Redeye video in the making


On the track « Change In Me » which is a new take on old blues lyrics from Mamie Smith and Van & Pete, found in the book « Country : The twisted roots of Rock n’ Roll » by Nick Tosches.
Violin by Lucile Vallez, Upright Bass by Antoine Pozzo Di Borgo, Percussions by Matt Pence, recorded live at The Echo Lab (Denton, TX).
Song is taken from the Redeye record « The Memory Layers ».

Images are (almost) stills of Texas landscapes, with pencil drawings of diamonds, eyes and skulls.

iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-memory-layers/id987871853

Change in Me Redeye

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30 Mar 2016

New track from The Memory Layers, « Dreams to be Opened »


You can now stream a new song from the album on SoundCloud :

carnet ML 022 - SCpic

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29 Août 2015

Vinyl version of « The Memory Layers » now available for pre-order


Hey ! you can now pre-order the vinyl special screen printed version of the record on the Redeye bandcamp !

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