25 Jan 2017

New show / new gig poster


Next Redeye show will be held at the Track House in Austin Texas, curated by the excellent Keeled Scales, on Feb. 3rd. It will be a solo (but electric) show.
More info here :
The poster here, please check Waiting Room Designs & Prints for a glimpse at their work :

TrackHouse - poster lo

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12 Mai 2016

New Redeye video in the making


On the track « Change In Me » which is a new take on old blues lyrics from Mamie Smith and Van & Pete, found in the book « Country : The twisted roots of Rock n’ Roll » by Nick Tosches.
Violin by Lucile Vallez, Upright Bass by Antoine Pozzo Di Borgo, Percussions by Matt Pence, recorded live at The Echo Lab (Denton, TX).
Song is taken from the Redeye record « The Memory Layers ».

Images are (almost) stills of Texas landscapes, with pencil drawings of diamonds, eyes and skulls.

iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-memory-layers/id987871853

Change in Me Redeye

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27 Avr 2016

Poster for the May 2nd Concert


Great to share the stage with Caitlin Kraus Torres for this one !
may 2nd at Hole in the Wall, Austin TX, starts at 9:30pm

Poster - Caitlin & Redeye - lo

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30 Mar 2016

New track from The Memory Layers, « Dreams to be Opened »


You can now stream a new song from the album on SoundCloud :

carnet ML 022 - SCpic

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7 Mar 2016

Hole in the Wall Concert / Poster hand out


Redeye show at Hole in the Wall is tomorrow at 9pm, get a free screen printed hand out of the poster at the concert! ‪#‎redeye‬ ‪#‎screenprint‬ ‪#‎poster‬ ‪#‎handout‬


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12 Fév 2016

Vinyl release on 2/19/2016 !


The vinyl edition of Redeye’s « The memory Layers » will finally be released on Friday February 19th !

This edition is a very limited 100 count, hand screen printed collectible object, including a unique screen printed insert.
The record comes in various colors, both for the jacket (Cyan, white, kraft, silver, gold) and for the insert (white, orange, yellow, red).
Multiple combinations are possible, making each and every one of those vinyls UNIQUE !

To order, please follow the following links :

For France / Europe : http://lafolierecords.com/fr/shop-lafolie/redeye-the-memory-layers-vinyl

For the US / Canada : http://redeyebc.bandcamp.com/album/the-memory-layers





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18 Mai 2015

« The Memory Layers », new Redeye album out now !


Redeye’s new record « The Memory Layers » is now available worldwide through :
iTunes, CdBaby & Bandcamp !

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8 Mai 2015

Limited CD version of « The Memory Layers », available in the US !


A limited CD version of the new record is now available from CD BABY !
It includes a printed Arigato Pack with the CD + 7 art prints.


More pictures here :

CD version also available at these great Austin locations :
Waterloo Records
End Of An Ear

and on Bandcamp !

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16 Fév 2015

New track « Sleepwalk »


« Sleepwalk »



Here’s a preview of Redeye’s new album, « The Memory Layers », to be released in April 2015, and the track’s title is « Sleepwalk ».
You can stream it on Bandcamp, and/or download it for free if you enter your email address.
Enjoy, and stay tuned for more !




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19 Déc 2014

New batch of « Maps & Sights »


After the 1st batch sold out, a new « made in the US » batch of the « Maps & Sights » booklet has arrived !
Still featuring black ink drawings of a California road trip, and companion to the « Be The One » EP by Redeye, published in 2011.
Now available on Bandcamp, with or without the music.


additional photos on Facebook .

and the music is here (videos) :

(music only) :

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