17 Juil 2018

Map to a Soundtrack #2 !


Inspired by JJ Rousseau’s book, this imaginary soundtrack is a personal sonic interpretation of the Reveries of the Solitary Walker.


Focused on Promenades 5 and 7, the most nature and inner looking chapters of the book, the soundtrack is a companion to walking, meditating, dreaming and spacing out. A helping hand, here to guide you as you follow the steps of Mister Jean Jacques as he strolls on a secluded island or the Alps hills and valleys.

Meditative, rocked by the slow walking pace, this piece of music was put together on an analog Fostex M80 reel to reel 8 Track, with old synths and drum machines. All flaws and parasite noises were left unharmed and unfiltered, hopefully giving it texture, sincerity and richness, as grown from the earth.

Immerse yourself. Listen to these sounds when working at home, as a podcast on your daily commute, for your morning walk, daydreaming next to the fireplace or on a front porch star gazing.

Listen. Breath. Allow your spirit to wander. Meditate. Dream.

Personnel : All instruments, recording and mixing by Guillaume Fresneau ( www.guillaumefresneau.com ), Mastering by JB Ayoub.
Themes (Tracklist) : Rêverie #5, Rêverie #7

Stream & Download available on Bandcamp : https://thisisredeye.bandcamp.com/track/map-to-a-soundtrack-r-veries-5-and-7

par Redeye

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